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Predii Hosts Panel Discussion Focusing on The Future of AI in Transport

Earlier this week, Predii was joined by leaders in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning during its first open house at the company’s new Moffett Field office in Silicon Valley. The event brought together local industry experts, media and research analysts for an in-depth panel discussion on “The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Transport.” Moderated by TechCrunch editor Josh Constine, the panel featured a lineup of industry leaders from Predii, Sentient Technology, Nvidia, mCordis and Snap-on.

After initial introductions, the conversation quickly took off. Various topics were discussed – from autonomous cars to fleet manufacturing to data analytics – and it was made clear that the advancement of predictive technology combined with IoT, will create a monumental shift in the way we operate and repair our everyday devices over the next few years.

Questions discussed and debated among the panelists included:

  • What does AI mean for transport?

  • How will AI improve the reliability of our vehicles?

  • How will AI help to lower the cost of mobility?

  • How will our vehicle AI integrate with our ‘life AI’ (smart assistants, computers, phones, etc.)?

  • What other industries will we see AI and predictive maintenance arise?

Predii's Special Announcement

During the event, Predii executives also announced the formation of a new industry council, the Forum for Artificial Intelligence Maintenance (FAIM). FAIM unites the connected transport ecosystem, including suppliers and maintenance providers to revolutionize the repair and maintenance process across the globe.

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