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LLM-powered web service for parts & service.

Try Predii 360 beta at Or contact us for a private set-up.


Connecting the dots: Welcome to Predii 360™ 

The Automotive Service Ecosystem is complex – getting intelligent answers doesn’t have to be. Predii 360™ is our full-scale Generative AI Solution for Automotive Service data. 

Predii 360 understands and intelligently responds to automotive repair and service questions. Imagine you’re talking to an expert technician, service advisor, or parts specialist - all in one place.

Predii 360 unlocks all the power and convenience of Generative AI while solving major concerns around reliability (“hallucinations”), IP, and data security.

Predii 360™

Ready to level up your AI initiatives? Let Predii 360™ connect the dots and fine-tune your own custom solutions with your proprietary data. Predii 360 is designed to integrate optimally with proprietary data and solve custom service and repair challenges.


In an isolated, secure environment, your configuration of Predii 360 helps you leverage the full power of your entire data ecosystem, while protecting Intellectual Property.


You're just getting started with Generative AI and want to see what specialized models can do for you and your organization? Experience a basic model set-up at or contact us for a private set-up behind your own firewall.


This early beta version has access to limited data sets such as NHTSA’s public complaint and recalls, technical service bulletins, YouTube, vehicle service manuals and leverages parts catalog API integration.

How it works
Predii 360's hybrid approach to Generative AI technology taps into a decade of experience with automotive service data and is built on two major components: 

1. Predii LLM™

Specialized Large Language Model with domain-specific fine-tuning

2. Automotive Data Labelling

Predii’s proprietary AI Pipeline for Automotive Feature Extraction 

Predii LLM™ leverages state-of-the-art AI models to optimize knowledge retrieval from automotive-specific data sources. Fine-tuned on domain-specific data points, Predii LLM leverages automotive-specific prompt engineering to understands the context of automotive repair procedures to intelligently gather and present knowledge from a variety of data sources.

Our proprietary automotive Feature Extraction Pipeline is able to process large amounts of data to serve as a reliable knowledge base for the Generative AI agent. This "external, specialized knowledge infusion” can be based on both public and/or proprietary data.

Predii 360 can be fully deployed in an isolated, secure environment and will be continuously improved over the duration of your license agreement.

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Sample Use Case: Predii 360 Service and Parts Co-Pilots

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