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Predii Smart Servicing® Cloud

AI Cloud Pipeline

Data standardization & normalization to leverage data throughout your entire ecosystem.

Smart Insights

Aggregated repair service insights extracted from your data, visualized and ready-to-use. 

Smart Solutions

Advanced, full-scale enterprise solutions to power complex custom analytics & workflows.

Predii 360™

 Our automotive-specific Generative AI solution to connect the dots across your data ecosystem.

The Predii Smart Servicing® Cloud is a suite of enterprise AI solutions that empowers enterprises to leverage the full value of their data ecosystem, connecting the vast variety of inputs available to decision makers into decision-assistance solutions that enhance service delivery and quality across every customer touchpoint.


Our patented analytics platform ingests data from multiple sources, formats, functions, and features, replicating how a subject matter expert would use that data to make decisions, and empowering enterprises with the insights needed for automated data-driven workflows and resources that improve service performance.


Subscription-based Data Processing (SaaS)


Tools and a run-time engine that works in a dockerized cloud environment 


Full services to configure and adapt Predii to your data sources in the cloud 


API and Custom Dashboards



We strongly believe that we can demonstrate the value Predii can add to your business.  If you’re involved in aftersales strategy, repairs, warranty claims, or preventing problems from occurring, we want to help.

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