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Internship in Action: Welcome to Predii Labs!

Hey, I'm Aaryak Garg, a final-year student at Netaji Subhas University of Technology in New Delhi. Born and raised here, I'm into sports like Formula 1, Cricket, Football, and Tennis, and I love binging on TV shows and anime. On the professional front, I've been on the lookout for a gig where I can dive into everything about making a product tick: from getting my hands dirty with code to understanding all the behind-the-scenes stuff. I like being in an environment where I can chip in my two cents, chat with users, and work with different teams. It just makes me feel more responsible and motivated.

I joined Predii as an NLP Intern in June 2023. The first week was a bit of a whirlwind, catching up with the team and all. Fun fact – waking up early for the 7:30 AM meetings every other day was a challenge. Picture a groggy Aaryak in his first Predii meeting; it was an experience, to say the least. In that first meet, my mentor threw some tasks my way, diving into research papers about what we were working on (let's call it a QNA pipeline, keeping it simple) and then presenting what I found. I remember putting in some weekend hours, digging into NLP and state-of-the-art research, and it blew my mind. Nothing beats that first week vibe, especially when you go the extra mile. Big shoutout to Shreyas, a senior always ready to help out. At Predii, it's more like joining a family than just landing a job.

One of my favorite moments was when the whole squad was grinding for the Predii 360 beta launch. Our CEO, Tilak, was right there with us, burning the midnight oil. It's not every day you see the big boss working side by side with you. Little things like that make you feel appreciated. People here get where you're coming from. When I showed interest in the product side, they trusted me with a peek just before the beta launch. Proud to say I played a key role in that.

Predii 360 is like a chapter of my life that unfolded right when I joined the team. Before the grand finale, we had our fair share of internal demos. I can still feel the excitement of showcasing our very first demo to companies in meetings, gathering feedback, and weaving those insights into the successive demos. It was a journey of constant improvement through iterations, and the buzz reached its peak when we finally launched the beta in October. You might be curious about Predii 360 after hearing me talk about it so much. In a nutshell, Predii 360 is like a trusty sidekick – a Generative AI ‘Co-Pilot’ tailored for the Automotive Service and Repair Business. Simply put, it's the best buddy for someone hustling in a dealership.

Another cool moment was our Secret Santa meet during Christmas. Unwrapping gifts, some with over 9000 layers of wrapping, some with just one – it was a blast. We all guessed our Secret Santas; I'll admit I was way off. Check out the pic below – we're a small team, and a happy one :)

Now, I'm rolling as an APM intern. I'm doing stuff like product research, user stories, and tackling user experience. Also, part of the Predii engineering team – diving into AI and ML research, owning the design, and tinkering with algorithms and software. Big shoutout to Swati Ma'am for smoothing out the interview process and onboarding. And huge thanks to my mentors – Azhar, Nadja, and Tirthankar. These guys are the backbone of Predii, and learning the ropes from them has been priceless.

What I want to learn and explore further is how to contribute effectively to product development, sharpen my coding skills, and delve deeper into the world of AI and ML. It's all about growth and taking the next steps in my journey here at Predii. I mean, Sky is the limit, always.


Interested in working at Predii?

We’re a Silicon Valley company of passionate doers tackling big challenges. Our mission is to create practical solutions for enterprise challenges with big data. At Predii, we strongly believe that every member of the team contributes with skill, passion, and the willingness to create something uniquely valuable.

We’re always looking for forward-thinking innovators to join us. Check out our job openings or send us your resume to get the conversation started.

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