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The Predii 360™
AI Assist Platform Explained

The Predii 360 platform, built on Core Automotive AI technology, streamlines this process by extracting meaningful insights and normalizing unstructured parts and servicing data.


Our platform processes over 500 billion documents each month using data-discovery algorithms specifically tuned to complaint, cause, and correction. It adapts to domain-specific information, transforming 'dark' data into actionable insights to improve customer uptime, first-time-fix rates, service revenue, QM, and predictive maintenance.

The Tech Behind Predii 360

A product deep dive

Data Normalization


Interactive example

Click on a symptom to see its repairs!

Below is an example of what Predii can do, coming from mocked up data that resembles automotive repair orders.

  • The First Card is an example of raw, unstructured notes - see "Customer Complaint" and "Technician Notes."

  • The Second Card is a visualization of the symptoms mined from the Customer Complaints. Click on one!

  • The Third Card is a visualization of the repairs for those symptoms, mined from the Technician Notes. 


We strongly believe that we can demonstrate the value Predii can add to your business.  If you’re involved in aftersales strategy, repairs, warranty claims, or preventing problems from occurring, we want to help.

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