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A professional automotive technician will deal with all manner of reported symptoms, often provided in vague language by a customer. Their job is to find the root cause, then correlate to sub-systems, components, and the labor operation required to solve the issue. The technician must make sense of data from only their personal experience, or knowledge sources they have access to. But Predii offers sophisticated correlations based on millions of repair cases, and a taxonomy of all known permutations of any symptom description throughout history. This is Technician Intelligence.

  • Configurable to process any repair order format
  • High availability, scalability to process billions of repair transactions
  • Discover trouble codes and symptoms from unnatural language structure
  • Create clusters of repair order + warranty data processing
  • Infer/recommend corrective labor actions to resolve problem






At the lowest level of any form of modern equipment, we have a network of sensors, microcontrollers, and actuators connected to a common network, providing binary stream data. These can provide measurements for status such as position, speed, temperature, etc.

In the context of repair and maintenance, understanding the sensor behavior under different conditions, and detecting anomalies, is key. Their correlations to each other and the system as a whole can predict or give early warnings of failure. This is Sensor Intelligence.

  • Process outputs from any time series or event data: scanners, IoT data, telemetry or telematics
  • High availability and scalability to process trillions of events
  • Built-in mathematical models to discover normal running condition anomalies
  • Identify sensors responsible for anomalies depending on trouble codes 






OEMs publish detailed content about diagnostic procedures, wiring diagrams, trouble codes and test procedures for every component. The service process is all about understanding the true context of diagnostic procedures and their correlations with real-world failure scenarios. An expert technician must understand what to look for in OEM content. Every year technologies change and evolve with new models and most technicians service vehicles of multiple years, makes, models, and engine types. Predii correlates all OEM published content with real-world symptoms and taxonomies to extract hidden Complaint, Cause, Correction information (the 3 C’s of automotive repair). This is OEM Intelligence.

  • Configurable inputs for multiple content formats (XML, SGML, +more)
  • High availability and scalability to process millions of large documents
  • Analysis of specifications and diagnostic procedure manuals provided by OEMs
  • Processing large documents to understand semantics and correlations of systems and components
  • Locating precise information about symptoms, codes and specifications in technical documents




Manufacturer better equipment with OEM Intelligence.


Enterprises ranging from manufacturers and automation specialists to energy utilities strive to maintain asset and production uptime and availability. Asset and production downtime leads to lost revenue, underutilized employee-operators, and dissatisfied end-users. Predii Service IntelligenceTM empowers service teams with predictive insights to proactively engage asset or production line operators before hard failures occur. How? Our patented, purpose-built AI platform augments your customer service team by identifying out-of-norm operator and end-user support engagement levels as risk flags. These risk flags empower customer service professionals to proactively engage operators and end-users to assess risks and provide solutions – before something breaks down.  

  • Establish baseline customer service engagement levels
  • Identify engagement deviations
  • Fire proactive customer service engagement triggers
  • Stave off executive level escalations
  • Protect production operations




Avoid Customer Down scenarios with Predii Service Intellignce.
Uncover insights. Streamline operations. Build innovative products. Change the face of your industry.