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Part Search Assist

Predii's Part Search Assist utilizes Generative AI to revolutionize the way automotive technicians, service advisors, and parts counter specialists identify parts for repairs. Powered by Predii's LLM technology, Part Search Assist reduces 'results not found' instances and significantly improves part look-up efficiency.

Feature Extraction

Key Features

  • Generative AI Technology: Utilize cutting-edge Generative AI to accurately identify parts for automotive repairs.

  • LLM-Powered Search: Leverage Predii's specialized large language model to enhance part search accuracy and efficiency.

  • Reduced Errors: Minimize 'results not found' instances and eliminate ambiguity in part identification.

  • Improved Efficiency: Streamline the part lookup process to save time and increase productivity.

Data Normalization

How it works

Predii Part Search Assist leverages part catalog data to understand manufacturer and vehicle specific part terminology. Based on Predii 360™, our full-scale Generative AI Solution for automotive part and service data, customers benefit from the power and convenience of Generative AI while having solved major concerns around reliability (“hallucinations”), IP, and data security.  

Predii LLM™ leverages state-of-the-art AI models to optimize knowledge retrieval from automotive-specific data sources. Fine-tuned on domain-specific data points, Predii LLM leverages automotive-specific prompt engineering to understands the context of automotive repair procedures to intelligently gather and present knowledge from a variety of data sources.

Our proprietary automotive Feature Extraction Pipeline is able to process large amounts of data to serve as a reliable knowledge base for the Generative AI agent. This "external, specialized knowledge infusion” can be based on both public and/or proprietary data.

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