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Data Normalization Assist

Predii proprietary AI Cloud Pipeline for parts & service specific data standardization & normalization, enabling data aggregators and solutions providers in to leverage data throughout their entire ecosystem.

Feature Extraction

Predii extracts parts, components, fault codes, and labor operations from structured and unstructured service operations data.

Data Normalization

Predii automates tagging and normalizing of service operations data.

Feature Extraction

Feature Extraction

Using proprietary data and language models, Predii extracts parts, components, fault codes, and labor operations from repair orders, service tickets, warranty claims, invoice data, and telematics data.

Our customers use Predii's AI Cloud Pipeline to:

  • extract symptoms, repairs, and components from repair orders

  • extract parts and labor information from service invoices

  • standardize terminology from multiple ERP systems

Predii processes unstructured service operations data on a quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis and feeds back cleansed, normalized data sets as csv export and/or though our Predii Insights Dashboard.

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Data Normalization

Data Normalization

If you've been in the service business for a while, you know better than anyone that components go by more than one name. To make the most of their analytics, modern service organizations need to integrate data sets from different sources and organizational entities.

Predii uses proprietary data and language models to normalize unstructured data sets into features of interest, such as symptoms, components.

Our customers use the Predii Smart Servicing® Cloud Pipeline to:

  • automate tagging of automotive data using unsupervised learning

  • map part numbers and descriptions to ACES, PIES

  • standardize part descriptions across different organizational entities

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