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Hieu Ho is Vice President of engineering here at Predii. Hieu has worked in the software solutions field for over 20 years. Besides his experience with some of the most iconic companies in Silicon Valley history, Hieu is distinguished by his passion for creating quality software and his commitment for meeting and exceeding client needs. Having worked in high availability, large scale enterprise solutions, Hieu brings innovative ways to establish serious scale to machine learning and Predii platform. He is an expert in Java, full stack web application development, web services, big data platforms, and continues to “tinker” in new technology.  

Hieu’s educational degrees include a Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, also from Santa Clara University.

Although Hieu’s greatest joy is being a husband and father, he also enjoys camping and volunteering, and gains much fulfillment by counseling teens as a youth leader.

Hieu Ho

VP of Engineering

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