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Aniket Dalal

Chief Technology Officer

Aniket Dalal is the head of Predii, India, our chief architect and a sitting board member for Predii, India. Aniket has over 12 years’ experience working to create scalable next generation artificial intelligence applications and is an expert in the areas of: natural language processing, statistical machine learning, big data systems, ontology-based semantic analysis and distributed computing. Aniket loves solving the toughest problems by applying artificial intelligence and coming up with simple, elegant solutions.  Aniket was the founder of Semantic Labs, India and in recent years has worked as a machine learning consultant for tech-forward companies across the globe.

Aniket holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Goa University. Aniket is a published author of several research papers in international journals and conferences.

Aniket is married and a father of one. He is food enthusiast who loves to explore world cuisine. During his free time Aniket enjoys showing his German Shepherds at dog shows.

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