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Ensure every repair is done right with detailed, VIN-specific data

Predii's advanced LLM retrieval from varying databases allows you to quickly access all VIN-specific data needed for any repair. Access essential information like installation instructions, part details, recall notices, service manuals, and more to ensure every repair is done correctly.

One Robust Solution,

Infinite Benefits for Your Workflow

Explore how Predii 360™ AI Assist streamlines specific data into

actionable vehicle repair insights

Access VIN-specific Insights  

Unlock comprehensive data insights tailored to each vehicle’s unique VIN. Streamline repair processes, optimize service operations, and so much more. 

Utilize a 360-Degree Overview of Vehicle Repairs

Receive additional repair support with a holistic view of the repair process—from diagnostics to recommended procedures and parts.  

Make Efficient Repairs  

Reduce downtime with quick, precise repair identification and actionable recommendations.

Boost Additional Sales Potential 

Identify potential opportunities for additional services or parts during the repair process. Check out our Predictive Assist feature for more details.

How it Works

Leverage Generative AI with Your Proprietary Data

Our proprietary data labeling and Feature Extraction Pipeline processes your data in its own protected environment, ensuring it is usable for large language models. This serves as a reliable, interconnected knowledge base, and your intellectual property remains secure, never being shared or used to train large language models.

Advanced AI Models & Contextual Understanding

Our Predii LLM™ platform employs AI models to pull optimal information from automotive-specific data sources. It’s fine-tuned with industry-specific knowledge to understand repair procedures and provide relevant, actionable insights. 

Feature Extraction Pipeline & Specialized Knowledge Infusion

Our proprietary data labeling and Feature Extraction Pipeline processes your data to be usable for large language models in its own protected environment to serve as a reliable, interconnected knowledge base. Your intellectual property is not shared or used to train large language models. 

If you’d like more information about Repair Assist, get in touch today.

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