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Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise: A Predii Round Table Discussion with Industry Leaders

Predii has gathered 6 Silicon Valley technology industry leaders to discuss artificial intelligence in the enterprise. The panel is comprised of a very good mix of technology leaders from various aspects of the industry including: founder and chief scientist of Sentient AI, Babak Hodjat; director of product management for Snap-on and Mitchell 1, Ben Johnson; the director of big data and artificial intelligence ventures for Intel Capital, Igor Taber; the managing director of M Cordis and founder of The Connected Marketing Institute, Michael Becker, the business development lead focusing on AI and the industrial automation industry for NVIDA, Jerry Chen; and Predii founder, our own, Tilak Kasturi. The round table panel discussion focuses on big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, what it all means, and how can it be used to create value in the enterprise.

You can watch the entire round table discussion by clicking here: AI in the Enterprise.

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