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Predii's patented AI platform is purpose built to solve repair and maintenance problems rapidly. The industry standard formula of complaint, cause, correction, is the backbone of any fault scenario. Predii augments your team at each step along this path – interpreting complaints (whether human generated or machine diagnostic derived) to discover the relevant parts, systems and observable symptoms. Predii finds the most likely root cause based on deep historical data analysis, and then recommends the exact repair strategy to get the equipment running with maximum efficiency, in minimal time.

In a connected enterprise, the data being generated by machinery will also be used to detect and resolve issues before they become critical. Using available sensors to monitor for anomalies or pre-error conditions, Predii's data analytics platform can flag issues and take action to resolve them before they cause downtime. Maintenance teams can be prepared with the right knowledge, parts and tools in advance of critical maintenance windows, so that issues are resolved the first time.

Maintenance Repair Organization MRO


When equipment is connected to the IoT, it communicates every potential issue and inefficiency that equipment will ever experience. Predii solutions help the enterprise interpret these signals and act on them quickly to help keep equipment running at 100% capacity.

Input: Connected sensors, maintenance schedules, equipment ontology

Output: Preventative maintenance plans, pre-emptive alerts, parts/labor recommendations.


IoT Repair and Maintenance


When an issue is reported, it's important to respond quickly with the right fix required to minimize downtime. With Predii's Repair IntelligenceTM solutions, your technicians can be enhanced with the expertise of all the specialists who came before them, simply by giving them access to the Predii insights, created from your own historical service data.

Inputs: Historical service data, OEM service manuals

Outputs: Custom repair strategies, parts/labor operations, logistics planning, repair content search & highlighting.




Predii is the acknowledged leader in delivering machine-learning results within the automotive industry. We’re here to partner with you as we help you identify and solve your biggest challenges. Get in touch with us for a commitment-free consultation. We’ll assess your data needs and any opportunities that exist to innovate and streamline your business.