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Predii Repair Intelligence™ is our proprietary system for guided repairs and predictive maintenance. Predii processes the world's largest database of automotive after-sales servicing events with highly adaptive machine-learning systems to create the automotive world’s most extensive AI solution. Predii has processed more than two billion repairs, for all makes and models.

We’re committed to negating the need for unplanned repairs by working hand in glove with service networks, fleets, and dealers. With the help of predictive analytics, Predii’s software can predict which parts and equipment will fail, as well as when, and why. Technicians can then address these issues before they become problems.

In collaboration with Snap-on, the global leader in the automotive repair industry, we’ll integrate our software and knowledge base with your systems and data so that the enterprise can start to accrue and apply new insights without having to learn a new interface. Predii customers are thrilled to report a measurable ROI of 20 times their initial investment upon implementation of our AI solutions. They achieve these results by reducing their labor costs, accelerating their diagnoses, and streamlining their repair processes.


Ben Johnson_1


Ben Johnson

Director of Products, Snap-on

At Snap-on Diagnostics, we develop tools and information products focused at the automotive service industry. With billions of repair cases in a big data warehouse, we needed help creating value from that data. In Predii we found the perfect solution. Their technology, skillset and mindset and Snap-on’s domain knowledge and content helped us understand what is possible. We have already developed game-changing products utilizing Predii technology. What excites me most is where it will take us in the future!




Maximize the time your fleet stays on the road, while uncovering opportunities for added efficiency.

Input: Your fleet-specific repair and telemetry data, plus historical repair knowledge.

Output: Predictive analytics recommendations for preemptive fleet maintenance. Recommendations for efficiency based on telemetry data. Alerts for anomalies and outlier behavior.



Optimize customer relationships throughout the ownership cycle and dramatically streamline the warranty claim process to reduce time and cost.

Input: Part codes, identifications, warranty claims data, and service data from dealers and service networks.

Output: Intelligent anomaly detection based on specific make, model and age. Guided repair and preemptive maintenance suggestions, with a focus on upselling parts.



Predii automotive analytics solutions offer you the opportunity to build new product solutions to solve your most pressing problems. We already power the most widely used diagnostics and repair tools. With our extensive data set, we can provide customized solutions and integrate right into the software and hardware you use in your workshops. Our goal is to power the most innovative solutions in the industry, and we want you to join us.



Reduce the time, labor, and costs associated with insurance warranty claims. Predii's AI platform automatically analyzes claims, spots and flags anomalies and helps pass routine and valid claims.

Input: Claim records and known repair data in the insured domain.

Output: Automated claim approval process for routine cases. Anomaly flagging, recommended investigation and action for suspect cases.



Integrate your telemetry data to quickly identify real-time reliability hiccups and impending problems. Resolve issues before they turn into costly repairs and dissatisfied customers.

Input: Aggregation of telemetry data in real time, pattern recognition, and trend-tracking.

Output: Preemptive maintenance recommendations and fault-diagnosis from operating fleets.