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Most Artificial Intelligence providers are generalists, and do not understand the servicing domain space. We are Repair and Maintenance Specialists. We walk through proven, commercially deployed applications of AI to servicing operations and the servicing ecosystem.

Find the answer to questions like: what repair and maintenance problems can I solve with Artificial Intelligence? What data is required to solve these problems? What innovative new use cases have I not thought of yet?

AI for the Enterprise can be complicated. This resource is not. Understand what you can do with your data — today.

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Sample business situations

We provide example scenarios drawn from our experience with customer engagements across multiple industrial verticals.

Proven solutions

We share our solutions to repair and maintenance problems, directly from our commercially deployed products. 

Quick and easy

You don't need to be a data scientist to understand what AI can do for your enterprise — we turn industry lingo into plain english.

Revolutionizing Repair Intelligence

The next step for the enterprise is to build centralized and democratized AI platforms for all of the stakeholders in the equipment lifecycle. Begin your journey towards Predictive Maintenance 2.0 with artificial intelligence.

Build Reliable ROI

Successful AI projects are 50% domain. 

Don't let your AI integration become a siloed IT project. Fancy dashboards are pointless if they are not impacting time to repair, improving call-back metrics, improving product durability or generating new servicing revenue. 

Working with a dynamic Special-Purpose AI Partner is the key to building value across the organization. Find one that understands your domain.

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Kickstart your data-driven revolution with this easy-to-use resource from Repair and Maintenance Specialists. 

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