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Predii's platform deals with unrefined, domain specific, specialized knowledge that only an expert in the field can relate to. Predii correlates multiple inputs of this type to create a higher form of intelligence, to augment customer applications in a connected ecosystem. This intelligence transforms enterprise operations, enabling Predictive Maintenance 2.0. We power Guided Repair and Advanced Diagnostics applications, equipping technicians with the information they need to efficiently repair complex equipment. Our Quality Engineering insights enable teams to understand the performance of their equipment and where to improve it.


Predii's Platform uses AI to transform historical data from servicing operations into operational insights around parts. Our Parts IntelligenceTM guides the parts management process — inventory, dispatching, pricing, and usage. Our Dispatching Intelligence ensures that technicians are sent to the job sight with the parts and expertise necessary to complete the job on the first visit. Our Pricing Intelligence provides advanced insights into repair costs. These insights are seamlessly integrated into enterprise operations.



Preventive and predictive maintenance has been a feature of complex equipment for decades – but Predii is transforming these operations with Artificial Intelligence. Predii exists to understand complaints and failures, at scale. We build insights from underused ‘dark’ data, powering new repair and maintenance products, procedures, and performance for the enterprise. Our AI platform is purpose-built to specifically understand repair and maintenance data, making integration seamless and rapid.

  • Understand telemetry data, natural language service orders, and OEM manuals at an advanced level
  • Build new maintenance products and services from data-driven insights
  • Transform equipment uptime reliability and warranty
  • Cut costs and increase revenue

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The complexity of modern equipment is increasing exponentially, and the pace of innovation is not going to falter any time soon. This complexity transfers over to repairing the equipment, too. It is increasingly impossible for any given technician to possess extensive expertise in all of the equipment they are required to repair. By intelligently suggesting repair paths and connecting technicians to the relevant sections of OEM manuals, Predii provides not only the correct repair for the given situation but also the step-by-step instructions the technician needs to perform it.

  • Equip new technicians with years of expertise on day one
  • Guide experienced technicians through repair processes for new equipment
  • Apply the correct repair, the first time
  • Provide step-by-step instructions to ensure technicians have the information they need to correctly perform the repair

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Sensor codes and IOT data no longer happen in isolation, one at a time. Advanced monitoring technologies provide a multitude of diagnostic trouble codes for any given situation. Predii makes sense of code combinations and correlates them with symptom and repair information from historical service orders. By connecting hundreds of millions of customer comments, technician comments, and telemetry events, Predii diagnoses equipment malfunctions with extreme accuracy and speed.

  • Correctly diagnose malfunctions in complex equipment
  • Drastically reduce time needed for diagnostics in the repair process
  • Understand significance of trouble codes and natural-language symptom commentary and repair commentary, on a granular basis

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Quality Engineering

Processing maintenance data is a pain point for engineering teams, yet it must be done to understand equipment failure points and what improvements are necessary to out-perform the competition. Predii’s Artificial Intelligence understands service records at scale, providing engineering teams with data-driven insights into equipment failures.

  • Understand failures at a granular level
  • Reduce required processing time, enabling engineers to focus on engineering
  • Improve customer satisfaction and brand promise

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Dispatching Intelligence

Modern dispatchers handle incoming calls from dozens of product lines — and these products get more complex every year. Accurate dispatching is one of the key difference-makers in a remote servicing organization's bottom lines, as mistakes lead to costly repeat visits. Predii extracts complaint, cause, and correction data from historical service orders, and intelligently guides dispatching by correlating this data with the parts and labor used to complete the repair. Sending the truck carrying the correct parts, every time — that's Dispatching Intelligence. 

  • Configurable to process any repair order format
  • High availability, scalability to process billions of repair transactions
  • Discover correlations between customer complaints (symptoms) and inventory management
  • Infer/recommend corrective labor actions to resolve problem
  • Guide dispatching in real-time

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Pricing Intelligence

The same repair can vary in cost dramatically from one servicing to another. Enterprises ranging from parts manufacturers to warranty providers desire to provide their products at the most competitive rate, but without boots-on-the-ground knowledge their financial modeling has a cap to its accuracy. By processing repair orders at scale with advanced machine-learning algorithms and custom technology, Predii provides cost insights that power next-level models for our customers — this is Pricing Intelligence.

  • Process and standardize disparate repair orders into sliceable data
  • Provide advanced pricing information on a part-by-part basis
  • Transform business operations, like fraud detection processes
  • Identify market gaps and opportunities

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Voice of the Customer

Understanding the customer's experience with equipment is crucial to making the kind of year-over-year improvements that ensure that the enterprise remains competitive in the market.  Some of the most valuable information comes in customer survey free-text input, which can cost engineers countless man hours to fully process. Predii's proprietary NLP understands how people talk about equipment, easily drawing the insights our customers need from difficult-to-handle data sources. 

  • Process customer surveys at scale, auto-classifying reported issues at a granular level 
  • Standardize intelligence across the enterprise, linking customer feedback into one DKG along with servicing, IOT, and manufacturer data (among others)

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No Fault Found — Warranty Wastage

Every year, billions of dollars' worth of perfectly functional equipment is returned because technicians are currently not equipped with advanced enough diagnostic tools to correctly assess the diagnostic information available to them. By understanding symptoms, failures, and resolutions at an advanced level, Predii Parts Intelligence helps enterprises create new warranty operations that cut down on wasteful part replacements. 

  • Draw advanced insights from the data surrounding component replacements
  • Equip technicians with upgraded tools at the frontline
  • Cut warranty costs
  • Offer enhanced customer support

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