Smart Insights

What are the top performed repairs for my vehicle population? Which concerns do my customers most frequently report? What geographic patterns does my data show? And: Can I predict, which part will fail – when and where?


Predii Smart Servicing® Insights offer maximum visibility into your service operations. Our data-discovery algorithms extract intelligence related to complaint, cause, and correction of a servicing event - all from your repair orders, service tickets, warranty claims, and telematics data.

Top Symptoms

Top customer reported symptoms by vehicle make, model, year, engine. 

Top Failures and DTC

Top technician reported failures and Diagnostic Trouble Codes by vehicle make, model, year, engine. 

Top Repairs

Top performed repairs related to symptoms and failures by vehicle make, model, year, engine. 

Top Parts

Parts and components related to symptoms, failures, and repairs by vehicle make, model, year, engine.

Customer Concerns

Top customer complaints and sources of delight by vehicle make, model, year. 

Pricing Information

Pricing distribution for parts and labor operations.

Geo Information

Geographic distribution of associated symptoms, failures, and repairs on a country, state, ZIP code level.

Replacement Patterns

Mileage distribution for associated symptoms, failures, and repairs on a vehicle, year, make, model basis.


Predii Insights Dashboard

Our Predii Insights Dashboard allows service operations managers, parts & service marketing teams, customer relations managers, and quality engineers to look at selected insights in an aggregated, easy-to-use format.

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