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Perfect Product Support

21st-century customers demand flawless operations of their equipment - whether it's a plane, train, or automobile. Predii makes sense of service data in order to empower enterprises. Do you have service orders, IoT data streams, technical manuals, or customer surveys? We can turn that data into actionable insights, and help your bottom line. 

Benefits to the enterprise include:

Increase Revenue

Increase service revenue

Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty

Brand Recognition

Improve brand recognition

Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Repair time

Reduce repair time

Inventory Management

Improve inventory management

Warranty costs

Reduce warranty costs

Product Positioning

Improve product positioning

If you’re looking to proactively address your business’s greatest and oftentimes costliest challenges, you’re in the right place. Learn how the Predii platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. We’ll show you how Predii can address your specific needs and why it’s a proven cost-effective alternative to in-house development.


Customer Testimonials 

Terry Strong
Senior Director of Technology, Hobart

Terry Strong - Hobart Service Senior Director of Technology"Clearly.I would recommend Predii to anyone who has a service organization with historical service call data. At Hobart Service,  our mission is to deliver premium service, nationwide, from each of our 100 locations and 1,500 factory trained technicians. With Predii we are able to put new smart technology into the hands of our teams. Our dispatchers are empowered to make the data-based decisions, in real0time, that make an impact on first call completion, increasing our customer's equipment uptime. Compared to the competition, Predii is the AI company taking the time to truly understand us as a customer and our industry."

Ben Johnson
Director of Products, Snap-on

Ben Johnson_1At Snap-on Diagnostics, we develop tools and information products focused at the automotive service industry. With billions of repair cases in a big data warehouse, we needed help creating value from that data. In Predii we found the perfect solution. Their technology, skillset and mindset and Snap-on’s domain knowledge and content helped us understand what is possible. We have already developed game-changing products utilizing Predii technology. What excites me most is where it will take us in the future!