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Predii Repair Intelligence®

Predii Repair Intelligence® solutions transform the repair and maintenance of mission-critical equipment. Predii enables Automotive Parts and Service businesses and OEMs to provide data-driven, AI-powered, intelligent products to their customers.

Traditional IoT solutions are underutilizing the data because for the most part they are oriented towards upstream analytics and performance monitoring dashboards. Predii Repair Intelligence® is the bridge between IoT data and meaningful business outcomes, like improving uptime, time-to-repair, servicing costs and brand promise.

Predii closes the gap by correlating IoT data with historical service orders, which contain a wealth of information but are currently not integrated at scale in many servicing use cases. Predii’s AI blackbox has pre-configured models that understand service orders and telemetry data, meaning that it can be rapidly deployed in any industry where complaints, causes, and corrections are relevant.

Predii Repair Intelligence® analyzes repair scenarios - complaint, cause, and correction - across billions of data points using proprietary machine learning and AI techniques. By integrating historical repair orders, real-time sensor data, OEM manuals, and more the platform provides a comprehensive understanding of current issues and past solutions.


Predii Repair Intelligence® is a configurable and scalable AI platform that has successfully been deployed across the automotive parts & service industry. It is designed for rapid and secure deployment.

Example Applications

Optimizing Service Operations
Predii Repair Intelligence® streamlines servicing operations for large automotive customers. By correlating IoT data with historical service orders, Predii Repair Intelligence significantly reduces downtime, lower maintenance costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Technicians were equipped with advanced diagnostics, leading to faster repairs and improved operational efficiency.

Guided Repair
Make a rookie tech into an expert: Predii Repair Intelligence® addresses the challenges posed by complex machinery and non-expert workforce. Our guided repair application empowers technicians with access to vast knowledge repositories, enabling them to diagnose and repair issues efficiently. This increases productivity, reduces reliance on specialized expertise, and optimizes servicing processes.

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