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Predii Service Intelligence(TM) processes all of the relevant data inputs that might point towards an asset being in jeopardy.


Enterprises ranging from manufacturers and automation specialists to energy utilities strive to maintain asset and production uptime and availability. Asset and production downtime leads to lost revenue, underutilized employee-operators, and dissatisfied end-users. Predii Service IntelligenceTM empowers service teams with predictive insights to proactively engage asset or production line operators before hard failures occur. How? Our patented, purpose-built AI platform augments your customer service team by identifying out-of-norm operator and end-user support engagement levels as risk flags. These risk flags empower customer service professionals to proactively engage operators and end-users to assess risks and provide solutions – before something breaks down.  

  • Establish baseline customer service engagement levels
  • Identify engagement deviations
  • Fire proactive customer service engagement triggers
  • Stave off executive level escalations
  • Protect production operations


Uncover insights. Streamline operations. Build innovative products. Change the face of your industry.