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Modern dispatchers handle incoming calls from dozens of product lines — and these products get more complex every year. Accurate dispatching is one of the key difference-makers in a remote servicing organization's bottom lines, as mistakes lead to costly repeat visits. Predii extracts complaint, cause, and correction data from historical service orders, and intelligently guides dispatching by correlating this data with the parts and labor used to complete the repair. Sending the truck carrying the correct parts, every time — that's Dispatching Intelligence.

  • Configurable to process any repair order format
  • High availability, scalability to process billions of repair transactions
  • Discover correlations between customer complaints (symptoms) and inventory management
  • Infer/recommend corrective labor actions to resolve problem
  • Guide dispatching in real-time


The same repair can vary in cost dramatically from one servicing to another. Enterprises ranging from parts manufacturers to warranty providers desire to provide their products at the most competitive rate, but without boots-on-the-ground knowledge their financial modeling has a cap to its accuracy. By processing repair orders at scale with advanced machine-learning algorithms and custom technology, Predii provides cost insights that power next-level models for our customers — this is Pricing Intelligence.

  • Process and standardize disparate repair orders into sliceable data
  • Provide advanced pricing information on a part-by-part basis
  • Transform business operations, like fraud detection processes
  • Identify market gaps and opportunities


Uncover insights. Streamline operations. Build innovative products. Change the face of your industry.