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Predictive Service Intelligence™

Avoid Breakdowns before they happen. Optimize your servicing and maintenance schedule. Identify quality issues before they happen.

Predictive Service Intelligence™ leverages Customer Service Tickets, Telematics Data, Repair Order, and Warranty Claims to predict which parts and components will fail for a specific vehicle, when and at what mileage, fail and can even indicate which repairs are most likely to fix the problem. Our specialized AI engine for automotive service data is able to extract and correlate predictive and prescriptive insights from several data sources throughout your eco-system - taking prediction from a linear 'best guess' to interconnected, intelligent decision making.

Example Application

The Predii Insights Dashboard - specifically fine-tuned to predictive analytics - offers an aggregated view of extracted insights on a Year, Make, Model, Engine and even Parts level.

These insights include:

  • Trending Error Patterns

  • YMME info

  • Mileage distribution

  • Geo Information

Time-sensitive Error patterns: interpreting unique symptom-repair patterns to identify and predict vehicle failure and breakdown.

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