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Predii to be Featured at the IoT Solutions World Congress

Predii's founder and CEO to discuss next-generation innovations and solutions in Barcelona at IOTSWC

The Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) is meeting in Barcelona, Spain October 25-27 and Predii’s founder and CEO, Tilak Kasturi will be among the presenters.

The three-day conference provides in-depth coverage of both current and future IoT solutions and how these have a direct impact on the global industries of today. Our CEO, Tilak was chosen as one of today’s most influential IoT “thought leaders” and was asked to speak in the area of IoT in transportation, logistics and connected vehicles.

The presentation will discuss Predii's Repair Intelligence™ platform, a good example of applied artificial intelligence (AI) in automotive and fleet maintenance, which melds extensive service knowledge with connected sensors and telemetry data to create new insights. It will also provide a practical case-study showcasing how the integration of AI systems can have an enormous impact on an enterprise and demonstrate the significant potential this kind of technology is capable of.

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