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“Easy AI” picking up steam in Q2 2019

This month’s article in the Harvard Business Review, “Building the AI Organization,” reflects what we’ve been experiencing with our customers: when it comes to AI adoption in the enterprise, technology isn’t the challenge – culture is. As industry adapts to this, we have seen exponential adoption of AI to solve immediate repair and maintenance operational challenges. Here are the highlights from a busy Q2 at Predii, where we saw the culture-shift to embrace pre-built AI-powered prescriptive and predictive maintenance solutions attract serious attention from industry stakeholders:

Land And Expand! Predii grew in a number of ways during Q2. Our innovation in expedited AI integrations has been picking up steam in automotive aftermarket parts solutions and Industry-4.0-powered companies. We moved into larger new offices in the Downtown San Jose WeWork, and have added members to both the engineering and data analysis teams!

It’s not just a Three-peat: We are featuring for the fourth consecutive time at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona! As a member of the IOTSWC AI Program Committee, we are driving the discussion of applied AI into deeper industrial use cases. Real ROI comes from proving value first, and then expanding use cases – as such, we are bringing our customer Hobart Service back to the stage, and sharing our expanded offerings in intelligent field service.

We continue to hit significant R&D milestones. In Q2, we made important strides forward with self learning and auto-ontology discovery in our product, PrediiOne™, which reduces the time required to extract domain expertise from unstructured textual data.

We began a series of Predii Webinars, hosting attendees from the Americas, Europe and Asia to help business stakeholders understand what can be done with their repair and maintenance data. AI doesn’t need to wait to provide value – it can be applied to solve complex repair and maintenance operational challenges today. Contact Us to learn more, or download our Repair & Maintenance Structured and Unstructured Data Use Cases Walkthrough.

Where can you find us? The Predii team will be present at these events:

2019 is a serious inflection point for all major enterprises across the world. It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of the major digitalization initiatives shaking up established operations in nearly every major industrial vertical! As always, feel free to schedule a call with us if you want to learn more.


Tilak Kasturi, Founder & CEO

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