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About Our Company

Predii is a specialized AI software company based in Palo Alto, CA. Predii’s AI platform is a purpose-built machine learning platform enabling predictive repair and maintenance for complex equipment, designed specifically to learn from service data (service orders, IOT data, technical manuals, and customer surveys). Predii significantly reduces the time needed for repairs — and also reduces the need for repair by enhancing maintenance. The benefits they deliver include increased uptime, reliability, safety, and productivity for large enterprises.

Predii is currently processing billions of repair transactions for customers and deployed Predii powered products commercially in North America and Europe. Predii is working with OEMs in transportation, original equipment manufacturing, and several industrial verticals. In each case, the efficiency gain for the organization can be transformational, particularly when scaled across servicing & engineering organizations and end-user technician facing products. Predii provides an ever-increasing value to the customer as the data resources are refined and built on over time.

How Predii Became the World's Largest Processor of Automotive Data


Predii has been recognized by Gartner, ABI Research, and the Industrial IoT Solutions World Congress for our focus in Applied AI in repair and maintenance. For an in-depth technical exploration of our process, download our whitepaper here.

Predii’s platform rapidly develops expertise in new industrial domains by ingesting diverse IOT and repair & maintenance service data sets with minimal supervision. It then ‘democratizes’ that expertise across entire organizations — making it available to everyone — augmenting new hires and old hands with data-driven intelligence in the field. The effect of this is a drastically accelerated diagnostic and repair process, by enabling analytics queries to be performed on the fly, at scale, and in a technician-friendly interface.

How Predii Applied AI To Field Services, Solving First Call Completion


Predii’s advantage is the ability to connect three disparate sources of data into accurate and actionable insights. These are IOT/machine generated inputs (sensors, connected fleets, trouble codes, etc), human generated expertise (service records, heuristics), and OEM generated manuals. By ingesting these historical and real-time sources, Predii understands the exact condition of a piece of equipment, and provides a breakdown of the parts and labor operations required to optimize, maintain, or repair it (when necessary).

Interested in what you can do with your maintenance data? Download our Use Cases Walkthrough - the comprehensive guide!