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What do you do?

We provide 'intelligence as a service' to industries where specialized knowledge is critical to success. Our platform performs what would otherwise be prohibitively laborious tasks, in order to find new levels of efficiency for repairs and maintenance.

What does that mean?

We augment humans with knowledge that is gained through our unique machine learning system. It lets them focus on their craft, and not on memorizing  things, or searching for answers at great length. We shortcut diagnosis and guide the resolution.

How does that work?

We use our unique 'unnatural language processing' system to learn insights from big data. This is then applied to the specific domain with precision and speed, using an appropriate human-computer interface. The end-user benefits with the assembled wisdom of millions or billions of data points intersecting with their exact business challenge.

Where is this useful?

Our use-cases are particularly strong in the maintenance and repair of complex machinery, but also span any industry that generates a large volume of unstructured data, and data that doesn't fall into the category of regular human language.

How does it help?

We unlock the hidden value in their data, turning it from a liability to an asset. That is, instead of costing to store it, and having teams of data-scientists to painstakingly analyze it, we make it pay for itself many times over by putting it to work using AI. Our customers have less staff because the people they have get their jobs done more efficiently.

What about revenue?

Our customers create new revenue streams because our data can power products that wouldn't be possible without it. It sets them up for innovation at scale, and we're experts at leveraging the data for business value.

How do I know if this would work in my business?

We are happy to consult with you at no cost, and can build a proof of concept using your own data to show the insights that are waiting. We have a product with a rapid implementation cycle so it's fast and easy to test your data and we can begin to accurately project an ROI based in this.

How is Predii different from other machine learning companies?  

  • We specialize in rapidly deployable, cost-effective, enterprise solutions. Our product is built to rapidly create value from a new data set, with minimal need for engineering and data-science teams.
  • Our proprietary 'Unnatural Language Processing' ™ technology. We specialize in the assimilation of knowledge that falls outside the bounds of normal, human-readable data, such as complex error codes and sensor data, or industry-specific jargon. We can take this unstructured, unnatural data and integrate it seamlessly with other structured data, such as repair manuals, to solve problems that would be impossible with more standard AI approaches.
  • We are set up to effectively work at scale, and have proven this in the automotive solution we deployed for Snap-on - now the largest automotive data processing solution in existence, processing over 1 Billion transactions monthly.

Where is Predii located?

Our head office is in Palo Alto, CA. We also have a branch in Boulder, CO, and offices in Belgium and India. Our customers are located all over the world, so we are experienced and able to work virtually and service all time zones effectively.

What is your mission?

  • Augment humans with knowledge that makes them more efficient
  • Augment businesses with insights that make them more profitable
  • Augment the world with the tools to rapidly build powerful, scalable, purpose built AI products