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  • Service Intelligence: ‘Upstream’ analytics, insights created to assess the entire servicing ecosystem.
  • Repair Intelligence: ‘Downstream’ analytics ‘at the edge’ that guide service employees through individual service events.

We are surrounded and influenced by interconnected experiences. Lipstick on a wine glass might convince a customer to never return to a restaurant – impacting the whole chain of foodservice providers, servicers, manufacturers and so on. Failures in operations might have minimal individual impact, but when aggregated across the whole enterprise and ecosystem they represent massive missed opportunities.

Today the industry sees huge improvements in Smart Factories, Smart Cars, Smart Cities, Smart Homes – but what about Smart Servicing?

Today’s decision makers are swimming in a data lake where touchpoints from a huge variety of inputs can impact operational efficiency – for example, from field service, warranty, call centers, quality engineering, customer surveys, connected equipment, parts ordering, chatbots and much more. This is the Servicing Data Ecosystem.

These stakeholders in enterprise servicing are also required to provide excellence across an equally diverse landscape – connected equipment, unconnected equipment, semi-connected equipment; technicians ranging from veterans to new hires straight out of college; local service locations to remote field visits in other countries and other languages; call centers, online knowledge bases, in-person visits, DIY parts delivery, technical manuals, and much, much more. This is the Servicing Delivery Ecosystem.


One of the consequences of Industry 4.0 is that “it should just work.” Customer expectations are such that the enterprise is required to provide excellence at every touchpoint, and occasional failures are no longer part of the expectation in normal operations but instead a serious misdemeanor in brand promise.

The raw ingredients to meet the expectations across the Servicing Delivery Ecosystem can be found in the Servicing Data Ecosystem, but bridging the gap requires artificial intelligence – the sheer variety, size, and noise of valuable data inputs is impossible to handle without smart assistance. This is where the Predii Smart Servicing® Cloud empowers the enterprise to transform their operations and leverage all their existing data assets.

Using our purpose built artificial intelligence platform, Predii is able to discover the true intent behind incoming data, and unify disparate sources into transformational business intelligence solutions. This intelligence comes in the form of prescriptive insights – we are not just identifying out-of-norm behavior, but also providing the correct solution for when these conditions are detected.

The Predii Smart Servicing® Cloud provides the right answers to the right people at the right time, preventing failures, cutting troubleshooting time, minimizing frustration and enabling the enterprise to exceed customer expectations.



Service Performance Intelligence

Servicing data is difficult for the enterprise to extract insights from - generalist business intelligence solutions struggle to understand the complaint, cause, and correction as service events move through the chain. Predii Service Performance Intelligence™ extracts advanced aggregated information about why the customer initiated the service event, what resolved the service event, and what decisions were made along the way. 

  • Improve service business assessment, reporting, and strategy.
  • Establish baseline customer service engagement levels
  • Identify engagement deviations
  • Create stronger servicing plans and products
  • Assess most costly service events 
  • Protect production operations

Parts & Service Marketing

The same repair can vary in cost dramatically from one servicing instance to another. Enterprises ranging from parts manufacturers to warranty providers want to provide products at the most competitive rates, but creating advanced actionable information from boots-on-the-ground operations is a difficult process for their experts. Predii’s data analytics solutions processes customer service data at scale, using proprietary NLP technology built to understand servicing data. We provide cost insights that power enterprise-wide business models for our customers.

  • Identify top performing and underperforming parts and service transaction opportunities.
  • Process and standardize disparate repair orders into sliceable data
  • Provide advanced pricing information on a part-by-part basis
  • Transform business operations, like fraud detection processes
  • Identify market gaps and opportunities

Durability Engineering

Understanding the component-level performance of your equipment in the field is the key to designing more durable next-generation products. However, processing millions of service events to truly determine field performance remains a time-consuming and difficult process for engineering teams. The Predii Smart Servicing® Cloud accelerates equipment failure analytics and empowers the enterprise to understand which components failed – where, when and why.

  • Process outputs from any time series or event data: scanners, IoT data, telemetry or telematics
  • Analysis of specifications and diagnostic procedure manuals provided by OEMs
  • High availability and scalability to process trillions of events
  • Component, symptom, and failure detection from noisy data
  • Accelerated processing empowering engineers to use the data, instead of prepare it

Voice of the Customer

Understanding the customer's experience with equipment is crucial to making the kind of year-over-year improvements that ensure that the enterprise remains competitive in the market.  Some of the most valuable information comes in customer survey free-text input, which can cost engineers countless man hours to fully process. Predii's proprietary NLP understands how people talk about equipment, easily drawing the insights our customers need from difficult-to-handle data sources. 

  • Process customer surveys at scale, auto-classifying reported issues at a granular level 
  • Standardize intelligence across the enterprise, linking customer feedback into one DKG along with servicing, IOT, and manufacturer data (among others)

Smart Products

Service is a product. Competitive enterprises are constantly improving and transforming the tools they use to delivery world class customer service. The Predii Smart Servicing® Cloud transforms servicing products by delivering data-driven insights to those that need them most: technicians, dispatchers, engineers, and all service employees actively resolving customer issues. Predii correlates customer service data, IoT data and all OEM published content with real-world symptoms and taxonomies to extract hidden Complaint, Cause, Correction information (the 3 C’s of the repair process). These insights are then embedded into enterprise products, tools, and systems. 

  • Configurable inputs for multiple content formats (XML, SGML, +more)
  • High availability and scalability to process millions of large documents
  • Processing large documents to understand semantics and correlations of systems and components
  • Locating precise information about symptoms, codes and specifications in technical documents

Guided Repair

A professional technician will deal with all manner of reported symptoms, often provided in vague language by a customer. Their job is to find the root cause, then correlate to sub-systems, components, and the labor operation required to solve the issue and make sense of the data from only their personal experience, or knowledge sources they have access to. But Predii Smart Servicing® Cloud provides guidance through the repair process, assisting technicians and other service professionals with complaint, cause, and correction insights. We offer correlations based on millions of historical repair cases and a taxonomy of all know permutations of any symptom description. Improve repair time and accuracy.

  • Configurable to process any repair order format
  • High availability, scalability to process billions of repair transactions
  • Discover trouble codes and symptoms from unnatural language structure
  • Create clusters of repair order + warranty data processing
  • Infer/recommend corrective labor actions to resolve problem

Intelligent Dispatch

Modern dispatchers handle incoming calls from dozens of product lines — and these products get more complex every year. Accurate dispatching is one of the key difference-makers in a remote servicing organization's bottom lines, as mistakes lead to costly repeat visits. Predii extracts complaint, cause, and correction data from historical service orders, and intelligently guides dispatching by correlating this data with the parts and labor used to complete the repair. We help dispatchers achieve better first call completion metrics, by ensuring the right technician arrives with the right parts for the right job.

  • Configurable to process any repair order format
  • High availability, scalability to process billions of repair transactions
  • Discover correlations between customer complaints (symptoms) and inventory management
  • Infer/recommend corrective labor actions to resolve problem
  • Guide dispatching in real-time
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