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Predii Repair Intelligence Whitepaper - AI Solutions for Servicing

What is Repair Intelligence™?

Advanced AI technologies not only help us power autonomous vehicles, but can also help us with repair and maintenance of vehicles. This white paper covers details of the Predii Repair Intelligence™ solution for automotive maintenance.

How is it done? By extracting the valuable information from sensor data, service orders, and technical manuals, Predii triangulates the necessary information for each step of the repair process. This Predii solution has improved diagnostic times by 50%!

In this whitepaper, we also cover some key trends in vehicle management and talk about providing data insights to increase ROI.

Know more about how we helped a leading global manufacturer and marketer of tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information, and systems solutions for professional users, with challenges they were facing.


Connected Data icon
Connected Data through Telematics and Telemetry
Intelligent repair solutions that can monitor diagnostic trouble codes, and other symptoms from advanced driver assistance systems
Predictive Maintenance icon
Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance
Empowering automotive servicing and after-market businesses with proactive and predictive vehicle health management
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Intelligent Systems Leveraging Tribal Knowledge
Data-driven systems that provide one technician with access to historical knowledge acquired by thousands of technicians 

Large OEMs in the automotive industry house huge amounts of service data with immense value. If identified and leveraged properly, this data can be monetized. One of the major problems we have noticed in the repair industry is that this servicing data is underused. There is an increasing need for AI solutions that can find meaningful patterns in otherwise noisy, difficult data and interpret telematics data, unstructured text, and technical content provided by OEMs.

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As customers increasingly demand zero down-time and low cost of ownership, OEMs are striving to integrate data-driven technologies and introduce new, better servicing models. Predii's Repair Intelligence™ solution was built to be the solution that can unlock maximum value from servicing data and IoT data by enabling meaningful business practices and outcomes to be built from it. Our repair and maintenance products have been deployed by Predii’s customers in North America and Europe.

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Ben Johnson_1


Ben Johnson
Director of Products, Snap-on

At Snap-on Diagnostics, we develop tools and information products focused at the automotive service industry. With billions of repair cases in a big data warehouse, we needed help creating value from that data. In Predii we found the perfect solution. Their technology, skillset and mindset and Snap-on’s domain knowledge and content helped us understand what is possible. We have already developed game-changing products utilizing Predii technology. What excites me most is where it will take us in the future!

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