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Predii Repair Intelligence®

Predii Repair Intelligence® solutions transform the repair and maintenance of mission-critical equipment. Predii enables OEMs to provide data-driven, AI-powered, intelligent products to their customers.

Traditional IoT solutions are underutilizing the data because for the most part they are oriented towards upstream analytics and performance monitoring dashboards. Predii Repair Intelligence® is the bridge between IoT data and meaningful business outcomes, like improving uptime, time-to-repair, servicing costs and brand promise.

Predii closes the gap by correlating IoT data with historical service orders, which contain a wealth of information but are currently not integrated at scale in many servicing use cases. Predii’s AI blackbox has pre-configured models that understand service orders and telemetry data, meaning that it can be rapidly deployed in any industry where complaints, causes, and corrections are relevant.

Predii Repair Intelligence® analyzes repair scenarios - complaint, cause, and correction - across billions of data points using proprietary machine learning and AI techniques. By integrating historical repair orders, real-time sensor data, OEM manuals, and more the platform provides a comprehensive understanding of current issues and past solutions.


Predii Repair Intelligence® is a configurable and scalable AI platform that has successfully been deployed across the automotive parts & service industry. It is designed for rapid and secure deployment.

Example Application

Time-sensitive Error patterns: interpreting unique symptom-repair patterns to identify and predict vehicle failure and breakdown.

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