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Leverage the full potential of your data. Gain actionable insights.

Imagine AI as an experienced assistant for technicians. With Predii 360™, effortlessly transform complex data into actionable industry-standard insights. Elevate service quality with advanced analytics, streamline workflows, and enhance overall performance.

Meet Predii 360™

The AI Assist Platform That Transforms Your Automotive-Specific Data Into Actionable Solutions
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Empower Your Automotive Applications with Predii 360™ AI Assist Platform

Data Normalization Assist

Standardize your data, make informed decisions.

Streamline all vehicle data, repair orders, and more with Predii’s proprietary AI Cloud Pipeline. Our solution makes all data consistent and organized, helping technicians make informed decisions quickly. Save time and improve accuracy across your entire service ecosystem. ​​


Take Your Data Up a Notch with
Customized AI Pipelines

Subscription-based Data Processing

Unlock high-performance data processing capabilities with our automotive-specific AI models. Our pipelines are fine-tuned for intent discovery, retrieval, reranking, and named entity recognition.


Rapid Deployment from POC to Production

Quickly & efficiently deploy AI assist applications from POC to production with our streamlined tools and cloud-based runtime engine.

Private & Secure AI Solutions

Our AI leverages your existing data within a secure, protected environment, ensuring your information remains private and is not used to fuel large language models (LLMs). Our cutting-edge technology optimizes your data to deliver actionable insights, enhancing efficiency and decision-making without compromising your data's confidentiality.


Intuitive API & Customizable Dashboards

Experience all relevant insights at a glance. Customize your data visualization analysis to meet your unique business and workflows.


Seamless Integration of Your Automotive Data Sources

Gain flexibility and efficiency across cloud-based or on-premise data sources with AI that pulls it's information straight from your proprietary data. 

Auto-Specific LLM Functionality

Predii's LLM is tailored for the automotive industry, streamlining parts and service workflows with precision. By leveraging industry-specific taxonomy and ontology, it delivers accurate, actionable insights, reducing downtime and boosting efficiency.

If you’d like more information about our product benefits, get in touch today.

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