Predii powers innovative products for repair and maintenance,
turning your available data into your greatest asset.


Extract knowledge from disparate data. Augment humans with consolidated insights. Build innovative new products for the enterprise. Why Predii?


Provide your data
in any format

Our machine learning platform takes all your data, no matter how random, and turns it into clusters of connected information.


Find meaningful
patterns in your data

Intelligent learning models organize the clusters of information to reveal patterns, correlations, and insights. 


Apply fast,
actionable insights

Insights are transformed into simple steps to solve challenges and tap into opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

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A higher repair intelligence


Predii uses applied artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency in the automotive industry. Our deep experience with automotive repair data gives us a wealth of domain knowledge. By integrating with the systems you have in place and parsing the data you’re already generating, we can:

  • Streamline your operations
  • Maximize uptime
  • Minimize unplanned maintenance


As an OEM, you need to support your products in-market, both in and out of warranty. We simplify this with powerful diagnosis tools:

  • Speed through fault analysis
  • Guide technicians on repairs
  • Preempt failures with proactive fixes

Insurance & Warranty

The cost and length of claims processing is dramatically reduced by automating the assessment process. Predii uses your data to baseline the expected and highlight the anomalous. 

  • Automate routine claims
  • Accelerate investigations 
  • Reduce fraud 


Predii helps the connected cities and countries of the future to flourish, with efficiency and pro-active improvements. Connecting data from civil engineering, transport, utilities, law enforcement, public health, education and more. 

  • Supporting repair operations 
  • Uncovering efficiencies
  • Streamlining maintenance


From wearables to wind turbines, any device connected to the Industrial Internet generates invaluable data. Predii makes it possible to repair this equipment efficiently, and keep it working reliably, using its diagnostics data.

  • Aggregate real-time diagnostics streams
  • Analyze proprietary trouble codes
  • Correlate and suggest repair procedures
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How Predii became the world’s biggest processor of automotive data