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Specialized AI for Repair and Manufacturing

Transforming how products get supported, repaired, and designed


Mine actionable intelligence from noisy data. Augment humans with consolidated insights. Build innovative new products and operations for the enterprise. Why Predii?

Predii's patented Predii Repair Intelligence ® is best-in-class.


Predii Repair Intelligence ®


Agile solution to capture learnings from repair/maintenance events in the field.

Specialized AI enables larger ROI and accelerated implementation.


Specialized AI


Purpose built AI Platform for the repair and manufacture of complex industrial equipment. 

Predii's prebuilt resources target business problems within repair, maintenance, and manufacturing.


Targeted Use Cases


Pre-built resources that solve immediate ROI-generating problems for product support, repair, and design teams.

Tilak Kasturi is a speaker at IOTSWC 2019, covering AI Repair and Maintenance


Find us at IOT Solutions World Congress!

Tilak presents on the future of enterprise Applied AI.

Speaking Sessions:

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MongoDB and Predii published a case study together on how Predii rapidly develops AI solutions.


Read MongoDB's case study on Predii!

"How Predii Rapidly Produces Predictive Analytics Tools for IoT with MongoDB"

Rob Walters, Director of IOT at MongoDB, publishes one of his series of "Leaf in the Wild" case studies, where he walks through real-world implementations of MongoDB. In this case study, he covers how we built a solution that enables customers to process huge volumes of sensor data, technical manuals and service orders and then expose it to machine learning processes and extract actionable insights.

Read the case study here.



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A higher repair intelligence


Predii uses applied artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency in the automotive industry. Our deep experience with automotive repair data gives us a wealth of domain knowledge. By integrating with the systems you have in place and parsing the data you’re already generating, we can:

  • Streamline your operations
  • Maximize uptime
  • Minimize unplanned maintenance



Original Equipment Manufacturing

As an OEM, you need to support your products in-market, both in and out of warranty. We simplify this with powerful diagnosis tools:

  • Speed through fault analysis
  • Guide technicians on repairs
  • Preempt failures with proactive fixes



Maintenance Repair Organization

When your organization is built around the reliability of mission-critical equipment, you need to be leveraging the data it generates. Much of the data being created in the enterprise today is stored but not used (‘dark data’), but our goal is to make it easy to extract the value from this resource and bring immediate impact to your daily operations. Increase your productivity by using Predii to shine a light on your repair problems like an expert mechanic, bringing superhuman power to your organization.

  • Augmenting repair technicians with thousands of equivalent years of experience
  • Creating unheard-of prognostic accuracy
  • Reducing operating costs




For an owner-operator, end-to-end reliability, performance and uptime are paramount. Your equipment is your productivity, and your throughput directly influences your margin. But your equipment generates vast amounts of data that remains untapped. You should be using it to reach your performance goals. Predii rapidly learns the domain, then creates value by pre-empting maintenance problems, highlighting inefficiencies for resolution, and accelerating human labor operations to make the necessary repairs.

  • Organize your diverse data sources into a usable form
  • Embed gained insights across your labor force
  • Maximize utilization of every asset




From wearables to wind turbines, any device connected to the Industrial Internet generates invaluable data. Predii makes it possible to repair this equipment efficiently, and keep it working reliably, using its diagnostics data.

  • Aggregate real-time diagnostics streams
  • Analyze proprietary trouble codes
  • Correlate and suggest repair procedures



Case Study
How Predii became the world’s biggest processor of automotive data